Are you wondering what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint from daily travel? Rick Wagernagel and other members of Burlington Ready for 100% have compiled a list of actions you can take right now to help lower greenhouse gases and build a low-carbon transportation system for Vermont. Here’s our slightly altered version of the list.

  1. Share a Ride

    Join GO!VT and use its carpool matcher to find rides or riders. Promote the carpool matcher to coworkers, friends, and neighbors.

    Organize a van pool from your town or workplace. Get a $700-per-month subsidy from Go!VT with 5+ people and 20+ miles each way. Get a van from Enterprise Commute.

  2. Ride the bus

    Download the GMT Transit App for routes, schedules and real-time tracking

    Download the Token Transit app and pay GMT fares with your phone.

    If you’re a first-timer, a Bus Buddy can help you learn the ropes by escorting you on your first journey

    Become a transit booster and get your friends & coworkers on the bus.

    If you live outside Green Mountain Transit’s service area, find your transit provider.

  3. Go multi-modal

    Find efficient local transportation options (Chittenden County)

    Get a personal travel plan though the Go!VT Helpline 800-685-RIDE

    Plan a trip using Go!VT’s multimodal trip planner

    Enroll in and promote Go!VT’s Emergency Ride Home program. GRH reimburses travel fees up to $70, 6 times a year.

    Track trips using Go!VT’s Go Green app, and earn rewards for teleworking, biking, walking, riding transit and carpooling.

    Encourage your employer to join CATMA’s Employee Transportation Coordinator Network or become a CATMA Member. Members are eligible for a suite of transportation programs and services that can enhance employee commuter benefits, cut costs and reduce parking demand.

    Telecommute if possible.

  4. Bike

    Get tips and learn about safe biking practices at an Everyday Biking Workshop.

    Join a bikeshare program, and share it with friends and visitors.

    Learn how bikes could fit in your life. Sign up for a consultation with Vbike or coaching session with Local Motion.

    Borrow an electric-assist bike or cargo bike at the E-bike Lending Library at Local Motion and test drive it for a week. Find e-bike promotions, rebates and resources.

    Invite the Local Motion Bike Smart bike trailer to visit your school.

    Attend a bike-maintenance workshop.

  5. Walk

    Most daily trips are within walking distance. Your body will thank you.

  6. Share a car

    Join CarShare VT and get access to an EV, hatchbacks, hybrids, sedans and a pickup truck. Car sharing will help you reduce the number of vehicles in your household.

  7. Consider an electric vehicle if your multi-modal options are limited

    Learn about EVs and incentives for buying an EV

    Test drive (or ride) an EV at:
    CarShare Vermont – for members only
    Neighborhood Electric Car Show and Tell (and Drive) events

    Support installation of electric-vehicle charging stations.

  8. Support infill, density, and walkable neighborhoods

    Learn about the benefits of a compact development pattern

    Attend a planning commission meeting to voice support for mixed-use development, especially housing that is within walking and biking distance of town and job centers.

  9. Become an advocate

    Check the websites of your regional planning commission and town for transportation projects planned in your community, and tell planners what you think about the projects.

    Find members of Boards, Commissions and Committees and city and town staff. Tell these public officials that sustainable transportation is important to you.

    Download Go!VT’s regional transportation guides, and make them available to your city or town officials

    Talk to you school’s principal about enrolling in Vermont’s Way to Go! school challenge.

  10. Get connected

    Get on a mailing list, subscribe to a newsletter, attend a meeting, join a group, volunteer or otherwise connect with any of the organizations listed below.

    Burlington Ready for 100%

    Bikeable Burlington Now

    Local Motion

    Burlington WalkBike Council

    Vermont Natural Resources Council

    Vital Communities

    Vermont Rail Action Network

    Vermont Energy Education Program