The Vermont Legislative Climate Solutions Caucus will hold its next meeting this Thursday, March 11th. You can watch the caucus meeting via livestream- or anytime- on our Youtube channel (@ VT Climate Caucus).

This will be a busy week in the Vermont legislature as committees scramble to meet the March 12th “crossover” deadline. That’s the date by which bills must be voted out of the House and Senate policy committees, continuing their journey to the floor– and if successful, to the other body for consideration. The deadline for “money bills,” most notably the FY22 state budget, is March 22nd.

In a timely video update, or “vlog”, our Climate Caucus co-chair Sen. Chris Pearson and Rep. Sarah Copeland-Hanzas explain our strategy to engage every committee in climate action during the 2021–2022 biennium. Examples range from weatherizing homes to expanding incentives for electric vehicles, supporting fare-free public transit, allowing farms to collect food scraps to feed chickens and enrich their soil, and assessing the condition (and efficiency) of our public school buildings.

You can learn more at the videos below and by viewing our March 11 meeting, where we’ll be talking about bills that are on the move in the House and Senate as we pass the mid-session mark.

Watch the February 22 vlog on our Facebook page.
Watch the February 18 Climate Caucus meeting on our YouTube page.