E-bike motors assist bicycle riders as they pedal, making longer distances and hills manageable.  They are powered by batteries that can be removed and charged at a standard wall outlet; fully charged batteries can power an e-bike for 20 – 40 miles depending on the level of assist used.  

Subsidized Sales of Electric Bikes at Old Spokes Home Old Spokes Home will subsidize the price of top of the line electric bike models that it carries so Everybody Bikes customers who are referred by partner organizations can access quality e-bikes for transportation for as low as $1,375.  

Eligibility: $25,760 family of 1, $34,840 family of 2, 43,920 for a family of 3, $53,000 for a family of 4+ and they are using the e-bike to access employment.

0% interest low-barrier loans from Opportunities Credit Union (OCU)  Opportunities Credit Union provides 0% financing for qualifying customers seeking a loan to purchase an e-bike for transportation. OCU will work  with customers with no or poor credit history to help them qualify and set monthly payments at $50 or less.

BED and GMP instant rebate program BED and GMP provide an instant $200 rebate for any of their customers who purchase an electric bicycle. 

Need affordable, convenient transportation?  Check out our website, stop by the shop at 331 N. Winooski Ave in Burlington, or call or email Laura at  802-730-4715 or Laura@oldspokeshome.com