Many Vermonters are driving a lot less these days. Have you noticed your car sitting unused most of the time? Some people are taking action by donating their vehicles for COVID response services. Others working from home, are choosing to reduce the number of household vehicles to one. In doing so, they save money and enjoy using a greener, more efficient form of transportation for part or all of their trips.

The SAVINGS ARE BIG. AAA estimates the average annual cost to own and operate a fairly new vehicle to be $9,000. Imagine what you might do saving thousands of dollars each year. Contact Good News Garage in Burlington, 877-GIVE-AUTO (877-448-3288) or Sierra Club about making a donation.

One less car can help Burlington be even greener. Consider shedding the second car and enjoy the benefits of a more active lifestyle, more time in your day, fewer car trips, and more space in your garage, wallet, and mind.

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